T-Virus: Apocalypse English Edition


Disaster is on the verge on Raccoon City.

A terrible accident has happened inside a secret laboratory of an unnamed Company and has unleashed chaos upon the streets of this previously quiet city. Last reports speak of strange deformities among the local population that have spread through native flora and fauna…

Your mission, as elite members of Antares squad, has three major objectives: investigate the scope of the contamination, determine which kind of threat it poses and contain its spread by any possible means.

In “T-Virus: Apocalypse”, you will live moments of thrill and adventure while you go through your investigation. But… Be careful, recruits! You only have 90 minutes to complete it and unveil the hidden truth of Raccoon City.

This is NOT a terror escape room; however, if you prefer to play it without actors, just let us know in the comments on your reservation.

The answer is in your hands!