The mystery of Scum Island – English


Have you ever dreamed of fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters?

Now it’s your chance to travel to paradise for a very special price!
Located in the Toledan Caribbean, Scum Island is a beautiful island full of charming people, amazing native fauna and flora and an ideal weather all year round. It only has a tiny flaw… It’s cursed.

Will you finally put an end to the curse cast by the evil Captain Lechukga, or will you suffer the same fate as all those who came before and failed in their mission? I’m sure it’ll be the former, right?

In “The Mystery of Scum Island” you will see yourself immerse in an adventure set in the age of Piracy in the Caribbean Sea, with a unique cartoon aesthetic, which will delight both adults and children alike, as it is also a game for the whole family. You will have to follow a series of clues and solve logical puzzles to be able to remove the curse of the island and, if you are skilled enough, find its Legendary Lost Treasure.

All this in 90 fun and fast-paced minutes full of action and adventure!

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